Importance of Diagrams in Board Exams


Importance of Diagrams in School Boards (CBSE, ICSE, and State Boards)

I am a firm believer that marks in school are just numbers. However, high scores in board exams do help in building confidence. Therefor every single mark in school boards becomes crucial and students should not leave any stone unturned to score high.

All theoretical answers should be supported by Diagrams. Drawing diagrams in school boards shows students conceptual clarity and understanding of the topic. Diagrams are used to support the answers and processes. Wherever possible, students should draw diagrams to convince examinee and get full marks. In board exams, questions carrying 3 marks or more should be supported by diagrams wherever possible.

Following points to be considered while drawing diagrams in boards:

  1. Diagrams should always be drawn with a neat and sharp pencil. Avoid using Pen and colored pencil.
  2. Scales and compass to be used to draw straight lines and circles.
  3. Diagrams should always be labeled.
  4. Labeling should be done in a straight line.
  5. Diagrams should have proper arrows for directions where necessary. For example: Ray or Circuit diagrams
  6. Objects should not be drawn in three dimensions. Draw diagrams in two Dimensions only
  7. Scientific diagrams should not be colored or shaded.
  8. Objects in contact should be shown clearly.

So, always draw diagrams to get maximum marks in school boards.



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