Interview – A Blind Date


The interview brings opportunities. An interview is the starting point for a fresh beginning.
Interviews can also be considered as an ultimate assessment of all your learning. Whatever the purpose be, the interview opens up the door to fortune. It could be a Job interview, a school or college Interview, a marriage interview, Parents appearing for an interview for kids admission, etc…
The objective is to prove that you are the most suitable candidate.

Preparing for an interview is just like going on a “Blind Date”

During the interview, many get butterflies in their stomach, some become nervous, some shiver, and few become tensed. The big question is, is it normal to become uneasy during the interview. Well, the answer is “YES,” it is normal to have all such feelings. Every normal person will experience these feelings. These are fear of rejection or failure, normal human psychology. The only way to overcome this is by preparing for perfection? Preparedness is the key as it brings confidence.

Preparing for an interview is just like going on a “Blind Date”. Everyone wants to leave a good impression and would like to make their date successful. Just imagine how one prepares for a date; dress appropriately, makeup or grooming, reaching on time, showing excitement, Practicing for Q & A sessions, controlling emotions, positive attitude, and respecting others are basic key areas. The same is needed to prepare for an interview. A long-lasting impression is what everyone wants to leave on others. If one can prepare for a Blind Date, then why one can’t prepare for an interview?

I would like to divide the interview into three parts, first is Identify Opportunity, Second is preparation, and third is Positive Attitude.  After visiting various sites and speaking to many “Blind Date” enthusiasts I have prepared points to impress and have drawn parallels with interview in the following table.

S.No.Blind Date how to make it
Phases of the InterviewActivities
1Look for best dating sites. Eg- Tinder, Hinge, Badoo etc.Identify Opportunity
Luck is when opportunity meets preparation
Identify job portals, company websites, and other social networking sites to upload resume/profile. Such as,, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.
2Create an impressive profile; write about yourself, what do you do, your likings, hobbies and interest areas, the purpose of life, etc.Build your Resume/profile, use keywords according to the job role of your preference. Create an opportunity for yourself to mention your objective, strength, qualification, achievements,etc.
3Never lie in your profile.Mention what you are confident of.
4 Prepare and practice your pitch.Prepare well The practice is the key to success.Prepare and practice your introduction.
5Collate your thought and words.Study your subject area thoroughly.
6Dress to Impress.Dressing and appearance play an important role. Dress formally and neatly.
7Physical appearance is essential.Focus on haircare and skincare. Appearance shows positive intent towards the interview.
8Reach before time.Never make an interviewer wait.
9Smile and leave all insecutities behind.Have a Positive Attitide
Hakuna Matata
Smile and be confident.
10Be honest and humbleHonesty is the best policy.
11Listening is important.Listen carefully, think, and then answer
12Control your emotions.Control facial expressions.
13Don’t PanicHandle stress and do not give up in between the interview.
14Don’t be judgmentalDo not start judging the result and interviewer in between.
15Don’t worry about rejection.“NO” is not suicidal.

 Success or failure depends a lot on your interview strategy.

Consider the interview as a game of “Chess”. You can win the game only if you think one step ahead of the interviewer. Generally in fresher’s interview questions are been asked from either resume or initial conversations. It would be best if you play the game of the interview at your strength. You should decide the direction and pace of the interview.

Speak what you are good at and what you want interviewer to know. During the introduction only, bring some of your strength and achievements that correlates with Job requirement (Job Description).

For example if you are appearing for a Business Analytics job then during introductions show your passion towards numbers and statistics. Talk about your knowledge of Python, R programming, SPSS, Multiple regression, Cluster Analysis, etc. This may lead the Interview towards Analytics only, and the interviewer may focus on what you know. After the interview is over, you must analyze your answers.

The questions or areas where you stuck or struggle, you should prepare them again for the next interview. If you face rejection then don’t worry, this is not the end of the road. Practice again and prepare for the following interview with more confidence. As the great legend Muhammad Ali said, “Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

Keep practicing and keep innovating until you achieve success.



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